NFL Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII Champions Stein

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The NFL is alive with excitement as the Baltimore Ravens celebrate their victory as Super Bowl XLVII Champions. This Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl stein is the perfect way to join in the celebration. This is the Baltimore Ravens 2nd Super Bowl win, and we want to help keep the thrill going all year round. If you’re a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, it’s a great time to show your loyalty and pride with this limited-edition stein.

The front of this collectible stein showcases exciting images from Super Bowl XLVII, along with the Baltimore Ravens team logo and Super Bowl XLVII champions logo.The back features game scores for the entire 2012-2013 season, including regular season, playoffs, and the Super Bowl.The zinc alloy topper of this Super Bowl XLVII Champions stein boasts a stoneware “football” and a sculpted “pigskin” handle.

This exclusive collectible Stein is crafted of fine stoneware with a unique textured design to create impressive Super Bowl memorabilia. It’s a perfect way to honor the Baltimore Ravens, and a great Super Bowl XLVII fan gift too.

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